The only impossible journey is the one that never begins

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Helping you navigate an extraordinary life.

Welcome to Mozeka! A journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

First and foremost, Mozeka is a platform from which I share the learnings. Join me on my journey to transition my life from existence to one in which I am living to my full potential.
Secondly, I was born with a purpose to help; nothing gives me greater joy than to be able to see others flourish and succeed. 
Mozeka is my personalised blog from which I help you navigate the complexities of your unique life's journey to assist you in living an extraordinary life. 
I set up Mozeka as a platform on which I can document my journey to what I see as an extraordinary life and from which I can guide those who want to excel in theirs. Use my learnings to navigate these areas of transition effortlessly as you, too, build your own extraordinary life. My passion is to see people grow and shine in their lives, both personally and professionally.  Sometimes you need a helping hand to set you on your way, and that's what I hope this blog aims to do. I so look forward to hearing about your journey. As part of what makes life extraordinary is the opportunity to share it with others on a similar path and make connections in ways we never dreamed possible. 


About Us

What's in a name

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Mozeka was founded in 2020 with a single mission: to empower those wanting to have an extraordinary career. With a world in turmoil, amidst the pandemic, the global economies taking a hit and automation and AI threatening every job as we know it; now more than ever, support is needed to give you an extraordinary career. If you are just starting out or are looking for ways to change up what you are doing, I hope to be able to provide a practical and simple guide to help you achieve what you set your heart on.

The name Mozeka comes from combining words that have special meaning to me, representing resilience and possibility. To me, Mozambique represents resilience, overcoming challenges to make something special, the ability to look at where you have come from but focus on where you are headed. The Xhosa word "nokwenzeka", means possible. I truly believe that anything we set our minds to is possible and I want to help you achieve that. Mozambique and the language from the country that formed me have a special place in my heart, see my blog if you want to find out more. 

My name is Tammy Hassel, I studied microbiology and zoology built on a passion for these topics and in some respects fell into my career before being more intentional in studying an MBA at the University of Bath as I saw it as a way to supercharge my scientific career and help me move into strategic roles. I have been working in the Pharmaceutical Microbiology industry for more than 14 years, leading many different teams in both SME sized enterprises, large corporate environments and startups. I was always keen to move into roles that provided an opportunity to lead. My passion is strongly rooted in wanting to help others be the best version of themselves. This comes from having had the privilege of others providing me with opportunities I never thought would come my way and experiencing the joy and satisfaction that comes from the combination of the right job and skill set.

It is my mission to help you achieve the same. Join me on the journey of discovering what it means to have an extraordinary career. 

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