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Al Stohlman Leather Working Books Collection




Al Stohlman Leather Working Projects And Designs Books, Vols. 1-4 at a Glance Reviews More Details Add your reviews and thoughts, and contact other customers. You get to set up the mold as you go. This book is a must for all the newbies. An absolute classic. Best of 4Al Stohlman LeatherWorking Projects & Designs Vol. 1 Leatherworking Book Vol. 2, 3, 4, & 5 at a Glance This is a masterpiece. It is well worth the money. It has 5 volumes, 6" x 9". This is the book everyone who wants to learn the art of leather working should have. It is what I am most proud of. It includes truly amazing projects. It's pages make you want to spend hours and hours of your free time working on it. It is truly amazing. All the projects are great! This is the BEST leather book I have ever owned. I have never had a leather book with a better ratio of projects to text. The projects are well written and provide good directions. I highly recommend this book. There are just so many great projects to learn from! There is no longer any excuse for lack of knowledge in this trade. Outstanding book from another great American craftsman. Al Stohlman’s legacy continues to inspire and educate others. Book 6Al Stohlman Leather Working Projects And Designs Vol. 3 leatherworking book The Leather Binder Al Stohlman Leather Binder Vol. 2 One side; One side: A Project





Al Stohlman Leather Working Books Collection

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